What type of coach do you need?

What type of coach do you want?

When choosing a coach, it may seem obvious, but choose one for your needs. If you want help with sales and attracting clients make sure that is their area of expertise. Looking to gain more PR? Look for a coach who has been in the type of magazines and blogs you aspire to be in.

Coaches come with all types of experience; look for one that matches your business needs, and will get you where you want to go.

Ask: What areas do you specialize in? Have you helped people in my situation? What results can you help me achieve?

Professionalism: It is not necessary to complete a coaching program to be a coach. As a matter of fact, no credentials are needed at all. However, when choosing a coach look for professionalism, experience and success.

You want a coach who has achieved what she is training you on. You want them to have success in helping people in a similar situation to you. It could also mean formal coach training. At the least, the coach needs to communicate in a timely, organized and professional manner.

Ask: What qualifications do you have? How long have they been coaching for? How many clients do you work with at one time?

Listening Skills: When interviewing your prospective coach pay attention to her listening skills. Is she asking questions? Is she listening to your answers? Is she providing feedback relevant to your business or does she have her own agenda?

You want someone who is going to interact with you on your business goals.

Ask yourself: Is she really listening to me? Does she really care about my business?

Compatibility: OK, so you’ve found the right kind of coach. She’s professional and you feel like she’s listening as you speak. Now, the question is, are you compatible? You want someone who you can click with. You won’t click with everyone so take the time to find the right connection. Coaching programs can range from one session to one year, so it pays to make sure that you get along with the person you are committing to working with.

Ask yourself: Can I see myself working and speaking to this person every week for x months? Does she “get” me and what I want to achieve?

Expectations: Finally, you found the right coach and all the pieces fit. Now, check your expectations. Coaching is not magic. To get the best results from coaching take both work and following through. You will get out of it what you put into it.

It is not the coach’s job to get you results. It’s the coach’s job to support you and give you the tools, shortcuts, advice and guidance to accelerate your business; however you have to implement! Simply paying $3000 for a coaching program isn’t going to get you results.

Ask yourself: Am I willing and ready to do the work needed to create a successful business?

When you take the time to follow these principles and choose a coach, you will be challenged and encouraged. You will see success not only in your business growth but your personal growth too. Don’t wait to do this. Invest in yourself. Invest in the future of your business. Hire a coach and start making what you are worth!