Business Coaching Packages

Business Coaching Packages

Individual Coaching for CEO, Manager or Sales Professional

6 month intense coaching package; This package is for the most committed and want to invest in themselves for the long haul and looking for long lasting results because they know that it takes time to change habits and make new attitudes and behaviors stick.

Number of Sessions and Length of Sessions –

In person  –

Phone Conference –

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Written Coaching Session Report

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Sales and Marketing Campaigns

Customized Campaigns


90-Day Program/3 month coaching package; This package is for the individual who wants to try out coaching to see if it really works and want to only invest for a short term.

Month to month; This package is designed for monthly payments of the 3-6 month commitment packages.

VIP Day Coaching Package – One day of intense business coaching. We will focus on the results that you will leave the day with or work on a specific topic or focus on one issue to resolve. Quick results.

VIP 3 Day Workshop Coaching Package

Explorative package.  I need help from time to time.

Referral Program – I will give you $500 for every Business Coach Package that I sell to one of your referrals.  They must complete a 6 month coaching program and be paid in full as well as you must complete a 6-month program and6-monthd in full.