About Donna

What can I do for you as your Business Coach?

As your business coach, I am committed to help you grow individually so that it will have a significant impact on your career. We will go through the process of optimizing your daily habits and move you through a series of proven strategies to get you closer and closer to your professional and sales goals.

While every situation is unique, theoretically, as your business coach I have the ability to help you – the sales manager or sales professional and look at your current situation and establish what you need to develop to be successful in your career.  I will take your where you are currently performing and get you to where you want to be and ultimately increase your performance level. It could be becoming a better leader. It could be a better sales organization. It could be a better sales professional. It could be any number of things. Whatever it is, we will agree upon it together and I will take you where you want to be.

As your business coach it is my job to guide you through the different points, methodologies, philosophies, and ideologies required for attaining the targeted goals we set to impact your performance and growth. As your business coach, I will guide you, hold you accountable, alter or shift your limiting beliefs, attitudes and habits, or pare down your perspective or mindset in order to achieve the results you desire by breaking through any real or imagined obstacles in addition to leaping forward at viable opportunities.

There’s a multiplicity of ways that I can work with you. Basically, as the coach I will collaborate with you to identify your individual needs.  I will help you achieve, over a period of time, a specific or an integrative goal or goals that we set forth together. Ideally, it could be as short as 3-6 months and ongoing as new challenges arise and new goals are created. There will be a number of things that will determine our relationship and the duration of us working together.

However, it is my job as the business coach to guide you through the process and this doesn’t mean I do all the work.  My clients work very hard to achieve their desired outcomes. Most individuals do not achieve their goals on their own for many reasons and are aware of their need for a business coach. As the coach, I will help you find your focus and lay out step by step how to achieve your hopes and dreams.  I will create a roadmap to get you there and monitor your progress along the way to adjust and correct when necessary. As your business coach I will take a customized approach to assess your individually situation and needs. I will coach you in the way that best helps solve the problem, the goal, the challenge, the opportunity that you’re trying address.

I will start with goal setting so that we are mutually agreeing on the same end results. My goal is to make sure you end our sessions with the outcomes you expect to see the results you want. During our first meeting, we will uncover your weakness and strengths.  We will create goals around your weaknesses filling in the gaps while using your strengths to increase your performance level. The duration of our work will greatly depend on your abilities and commitments to achieve your desired results.

I believe that my knowledge and skills separate me from other business coaches.  We all have our unique personalities and abilities to coach. That’s why I require a 20 minute consultation prior to us working together. If I feel that we are not a good match, then I will refer you to one of my peers that I think will better suit your needs. However, I have a proven track record as you can see on my testimonial page with all sorts of industries as well as uniquely diverse individuals. I will do my best to relate and connect to you to create a viable partnership.

Not everyone who comes to me is ready for business coaching.  Mastery of life skills is a necessary foundation to business coaching.  That is why I offer Life Coaching.  My goal is to see you be successful in your career, so I am willing to start from the beginning and build your life skills if I see any deficit.  And if there are only a few areas that need to be improved upon, I will include Life Coaching as part of my long term commitment business coaching packages.

Ultimately, you have to be willing and able, and preferably eager to be not just constructively critiqued, but remolded and reshaped in your thoughts, your actions, and your perspectives on whatever the category. You must to be very open to collaboration, whether it’s a coach, a mentor, somebody who’s very modest, or somebody who’s very expensive, like myself. If you’re not committed to the process, the intent, and the outcome, it’s a blatant waste. Every dime.

There are all kinds of coaches. There are coaches for executives, for the sales people, coaches for managers and leaders to coaches for Health and Wellness including life coaching. My coaching experiences allow for me to be uniquely all of these in one so that my coaching is customizable and I can coach you uniquely to you.

Most importantly, you need a monumental commitment to fanatical execution, an outrageous willingness to better yourself as a leader, an executive or a manager to help grow and develop the performance and the ability of your people. You need someone who will make your company, your product, your business, more valuable and add more meaning in the minds and the hearts of your audience, your market.

Let’s take a leadership coach. If you’re a better leader, everyone’s going to perform better and if you get 20 or 30 or 50% more performance out of 40 people, it’s really going to be geometric and the performance of the business is going to go up. But you have to understand what the game is you want to play. You will only get out of what you invest yourself either money or time, or both.