“Donna has been my coach/mentor for the past three months.  She is a person who is by my side each step of the way. She challenges me and makes sure that I follow through with what I need to do to help my business grow.  She has helped me to chart the path for my business, my goals and target market.  She gives me assignments and will follow up to make sure I’ve done what she has asked you to do.  Donna has provided information and assistance in the area of marketing and social media representation for my business.  She has helped me to clarify my goals and vision for my business. She shows interest in what you are doing, and gives great feedback.  She has been a real help to moving me forward in my business.”

~K. Dunmore, Tampa

“I am the owner of Sew Flawless, a clothing repurposing business. When I met Donna I wasn’t sure of what I possessed or how I could let people know who I was.  After my first meeting with Donna I received so much confidence and a plethora of marketing ideas. The help that she has provided is priceless and truly unforgettable.  I look forward to continuing our business relationship.”

~Sharon, Bartow

“Thanks so much for taking the time out of your day to meet with me! The information you shared with me was invaluable and we’ve already started to implement a process in Y Design Sales! Thanks Again!”

~Katie, Lakeland

“Mrs. Dinkins has an obvious leadership quality that many people work years to hone. She is a pleasure to work with because of her radiant personality and visionary technique. Donna has provided me with business outlines for better sales and passed along conference ideas and tips that she herself strives to better understand. Mrs. Dinkins has many accomplishments of her own; however, it is evident that her industry knowledge and thorough communication is the base of her vast capabilities. Additionally, Donna is always providing me with goals and projects in order to timeline my accomplishments along the way. This forward thinking has allowed me to see progress in an objective way. Mrs. Dinkins is skilled in her craft of motivating and providing advice; however, her true abilities lie in her obvious talent to aid others through obstacles that they may be presented with.”

~ Angi, Fort Myers